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Swamp Cooler Servicing

Evaporative cooler or swamp cooler as it is popular known is an air-conditioner unit
that uses water as a cooling agent. A water source through a quarter inch copper
line supplies water to the swamp cooler housing. The water is then pumped to the
pads which situated on the inside panel by a pump. The next phase is the fan, this
fan pulls outside air through the damped cooler pads and distribute the cool air
inside the house. Normally you can expect the temperature in your house to be
lowered 15% to 20% when using the swamp cooler depending on the type of pads,
temperature from water source and/or brand name of unit.
Maintenance of Swamp Cooler:

Before the start of the summer season, the swamp cooler must be serviced.

* Housing windows removed and pads thoroughly washed to remove dust and           
        dirt. It is recommended to changed pads every three years.
* Wash housing reservoir and refill with clean water.
* It is very important to oil bearings on fan shaft.
* Check fan belt and adjust as necessary.
* To avoid a broken line during the winter-line must be disconnected from water        
         source and swamp cooler and drain down.
* Drain water from swamp cooler reservoir each fall.