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that your system will get the professionalism it needs to function effectively. This is a
one stop shop for all your work on your lawn sprinkler, plumbing and swamp cooler
needs whether it is fixing a broken sprinkler pipe, start-up service, setting your timer,
broken copper pipe, malfunction shut-off valve, cracked manifold etc. we do it all.
Our technicians only use quality brands such as Hunter, Rain Bird, Green Lawn,
Weather Matic, Toro, Irri-Trol and Richdel.

When turning on your lawn sprinkler system, we thoroughly check for any hidden
leaks either from under ground broken lines, leaky heads, broken electric heads,
broken back flow valves etc. This is done to save you costly water bill. It is best to set
your timer to water your lawn early mornings, this is when the ground is cool and
moist and therefore will not put your grass in shock. Secondly, if there is a
malfunction in your timer, it can be corrected before leaving for work.

Is a lawn sprinkler system necessary? You bet…it gives your lawn a uniform watering
coverage for an established time which prevents excessive watering of your grass. If
your irrigation system is properly installed there should be no brown areas in your
lawn during the summer watering months. These brown areas are attributed to either
poor workmanship or material cost savings to the detriment of the home owner.
Before you venture to install your irrigation system, check your psi (pressure per
square inch) to ensure adequate water pressure—a good water pressure for the
home is between 50 to 80 psi. A lower pressure requires more stations …hence
higher cost on the other hand good pressure lower your cost. Another important
element is the volume, a lawn sprinkler requires a larger volume of water than a
regular house faucet, because the sprinkling system usually supply 6 heads.
Therefore, even though the average house has a 3/4 inch water supply, the sprinkler
branch pipe is preferably 1 inch to supply the heads.