How to Properly Use a Toilet Plunger
Each and every house should have a good toilet plunger. And I stress good because there are low priced
plungers for $4 - $5 that are completely worthless. A good plunger will cost between $10 and $20 dollars and
these normally do a good job of clearing toilet clogs.

On a low priced plunger, the rubber on the flange can be quite flimsy and have a tendency to roll over when
working the plunger. When this happens it splashes unwelcome water onto the floor and possibly on the
person working the plunger. Not much fun!

On a good plunger, the rubber flange is significantly more solid, and the odds of creating an unwanted mess
are greatly reduced. Also be sure to use a plunger with a funnel-cup. This is a rounded piece on the bottom of
the plunger’s cup. This funnel-cup facilitates making a better seal around the bottom of the toilet bowl where
the opening is located.

To use the plunger try to get the best seal possible on bottom of the toilet bowl, then work the wooden plunger
handle up and down. This results in a pressure wave on the down-stroke, and a suction effect on the up-
stroke. This increase and decrease in pressure is what loosens the clog and gets the toilet draining again.

Sometimes it takes just a couple of up and down moves to clear a clog, and other times it can take some

On a particularly tough clog, try to remove as much air from the plunger cup as you're able before starting the
up and down motion. This creates more force since a liquid can not be squeezed, and air can be.

So there you have it. The plunger may not be the glamorous tool around the house, but when you need it, you’ll
find yourself really grateful you have one.